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The 3 best free blog editors, and their quirks

Okay, of course this is highly subjective but I doubt anybody’s going to disagree with me on my picks. Microsoft Writer: the best, and possibly as good as a paid alternative. I’ve never been as happy with a MS product since… Notepad. Writer will remind seasoned users of Frontpage, while newbies will be right at home with the simplicity of the application. Best features: can synchronise posts; supports most blogging platforms; ease of use; plugins available Let-downs: some issues(see end of this post)There’s also the Flock blog editor, the built-in blog editor of the socially-friendly browser, Flock; and ScribeFire, the able Firefox plugin. It’s always a merry occasion when you have a blog editor right inside your browser, and ScribeFire even comes with useful options ranging from an inbuilt revenue-earning system and one-click posting to advanced pinging options. But if you ask me, at the end of the day Writer wins hand down for its user-friendliness and solid synchronization.Kn…

Exceedingly busy

It’s getting harder and harder to find spare time, as I had predicted. I haven’t been able to look up any web designing/developing or programming texts yet, but I’ve been surfing a bit, with mixed results. Surprisingly, there’s still a dearth of quality sites on coding and aimed at novice to expert level users.

Finally, focus

In short, this blog is about the way I relearn and redeem my geekery. That means it’s a sort of scratchpad for my self-taught endeavours into coding and such. I’ll write down anything I learn anew, and which will usually involve some sort of practical usage on my part. Like how to fix the look of my blog (a pretty likely topic, given it’s so ugly right now), or how to pull off a certain CSS trick, or something in RR or Python. So what’s in it for you? If you’re: a serious blogger or developer who’s starting outor is trying to reacquaint him/her-self with code or design issuesin a systematic manner, or a casual blogger or web developer who likes to stay informed, then this blog is for you. And of course, it’s for all my friends – which goes without saying :) My gameplan: Phase 1: CSS, XML, JavaScriptPhase 2: AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Adobe AIRPhase 3: Python, Ruby on Rails, C#About the posts My posts usually aren’t going to be huge (I’m aiming for the 200-300 word region), and if there’s an…