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Finally, focus

In short, this blog is about the way I relearn and redeem my geekery.

That means it’s a sort of scratchpad for my self-taught endeavours into coding and such. I’ll write down anything I learn anew, and which will usually involve some sort of practical usage on my part. Like how to fix the look of my blog (a pretty likely topic, given it’s so ugly right now), or how to pull off a certain CSS trick, or something in RR or Python.

So what’s in it for you? If you’re: a serious blogger or developer who’s starting out or is trying to reacquaint him/her-self with code or design issues in a systematic manner, or a casual blogger or web developer who likes to stay informed, then this blog is for you. And of course, it’s for all my friends – which goes without saying :)

My gameplan:

  • Phase 1: CSS, XML, JavaScript
  • Phase 2: AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Adobe AIR
  • Phase 3: Python, Ruby on Rails, C#

About the posts My posts usually aren’t going to be huge (I’m aiming for the 200-300 word region), and if there’s an existing tutorial that does the job I’ll provide the link and cut the description part. This gives credit where it’s due and also keeps posts small, and hopefully, less boring. I’m hoping to have multiple posts per day week Initially things will be a lot slower, as I have other occupations. Potential topics include (but aren't limited to): blogging (esp. in Blogger), web design and development, programming, coding practices, software, social networking, SEO, and the occasional odd post to remind you I'm still human ;)

What happened to you? If you’ve been around, you probably know things haven’t always been like this. I wrote about everything ranging from news commentaries to odd news to food reviews. I’ve learnt a lot about blogging since then, especially during my long break last year when I hardly blogged at all. Currently I’m focused on blogging about the aforementioned stuff: these days I’m suffering from a strange and unforeseen nostalgia for coding, which stems from a past life where I actually used to be a computer engineer and inspired web developer. Therefore, I’m trying to get back to it, purely for my own interests but not sans the passion of a professional.


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