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AdSense logic: Sarah Bareilles is a gay man

This is a screenshot of my Love Song post. I don't get it: how does Sarah Bareilles connect to a gay dating site, and not the tons of products and websites springing from the music industry? Too bad we can't do without AdSense.

AV Scan is up

I've finally relocated my anti-virus related articles to their own new blog: Now it should be easier looking up reviews than on techqi; I'm leaving the old posts as they were with a note mentioning the change. I intend to transform techqi to a sort of webzine in the near future. Hm, what do I do next?

bX-ti1gkd solution for Blogger

My site overhauling process met a roadblock that was hard to get rid of: Blogger's error code bX-ti1gkd. What I was trying to do: I wanted my post titles to appear (for instance, now I have "Oxymorons and Tibet | techqi") on my pages. The benefit is from now on search engines will consider keywords from the page titles while indexing my site. To cut a long story short, you can copy-paste the following code to your blog (don't worry if you can't see the whole code. Just highlight it as you normally would, and go ahead and copy-paste it. It works fine): <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'> <b:section id='titleTag'> <b:widget id='Blog2' locked='false' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'> <b:includable id='nextprev'/> <b:includable id='backlinks' var='post'/> <b:includable id='post' var='post'><data:post.title/></b:includab…

Oxymorons and Tibet

Linda Cullen on Tibet's humanitarian crisis: "... they've banned American Idol in China, and I hear that's why the monks in Tibet started rioting." Same page (Vancouver 24 Hours, March 26): Bobbie Gill via email responds to a letter: "Why should we let a little thing like human rights get in the way of our two-week extravaganza? It's party time people! If we simply follow the example of VANOC and bury our collective heads in the sand, then things like human rights abuses in Tibet and China will just simply disappear." On November 23, 2006 four Tibetan students attempted self-immolation, protesting Chinese president Hu Jintao's visit in Mumbai. According to scientists, immolation (death by fire) is the most painful experience known to man. March 26 is Independence Day in Bangladesh.

Google falls for the dark side

Okay, isn't that cool? Forgive my obsession with the search engine giant, but the way Google manages to catch your attention with the most trivial facelifts is nothing short of amazing. I was almost looking for Darth Vader, when I found out it's Google's way of promoting Earth Hour. That's awesome too.

Really Useful Stuff: RocketDock

Okay, this is the first post in this series. Really Useful Stuff is really hard to find, so expect posts once a week. This week's RUS: RocketDock.Okay, this is the first post in this series. Really Useful Stuff is really hard to find, so expect posts once a week.

RocketDock is developed by an Apple fanboy and fangirl on OS X.
Consider it a peace offering from the Mac community to you.
Together we can end OS persecution :)

Now isn't that cute. It's not the single greatest piece of software ever, as its website claims. But RocketDock is really good. It's a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. English: it's a kind of transparent hovering toolbar that makes life easier.

I like a clean desktop (because it gets messy so often! I keep saving files on my desktop), and desktop icons do eat up a bit of your system memory.

But with this thing, you can happily have your desktop icons hanging on a toolbar; you can also have shortcuts to folders, files and web…

Harvard prof, Glenn Beck on counter-terrorism ethics

This happened a few weeks ago, probably in early March. I was back home from university, exhausted; there was nothing going on on TV. A few channels later I stumbled on the Glenn Beck show on CNN, and my respect for the media and the academia hit an all time low. I'm not really into CNN. I think the way it presents information is overgloss and hype-pitched. If you don't believe me you can tune into the Nancy Grace show (she did a full investigative report on Heath Ledger's death, when the only thing that could be confirmed at that time was the fact that he was dead). Hence I didn't really intend to engage my already befuddled brain there, or anywhere. But one really needs to stop and listen when a famous news personality (is that even the right term? I really don't want to call him a journalist) accuses university students for wearing Islam-supportive or Che Guevara t-shirts, and has a Harvard prof backing him up. The reason I'm posting this so late is largel…

Palestine vs Israeli land occupation

You don't want to, but despite your best efforts, sometimes you come across the kind of news that completely knocks you off your feet, and leaves a hole in your world. Unfortunately that's what happened to me -- and this blog.

My apologies for having vanished. A few weeks back I came across a very disturbing image that I'm sharing with you here. It depicts Palestinian land loss since 1945. I found it on Digg (it's been dugg a total of 2363 times till date), and apparently it isn't really hosted on any authentic news site. Nevertheless, lots of people are clearly interested in it; many are claiming it's authentic, while others are pointing out that it's fake.

I have no idea whether it's real. I'm not really interested in the Middle East crisis, or any crisis, in the sense that due to my many years as a journalist, I've learnt that there are many sides of a story that go untold. Take the history of my country, for instance: every time a party comes …

Love Song video

Sara Bareilles' Love Song. Her album has already gone gold, and the lyrics are fantastic! PS- Sara doesn't want everybody embedding her videos, so her YouTube profile has embeds disabled by default. I got this from her MySpace page (the MusicBox thingy is still in beta though, which you'll find out).

Randy Pausch's last lecture

Randy Pausch is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. You might remember him as one of the developers of Alice, a free open-source object oriented educational programming language developed in Java. He's dying from metastatic pancreatic cancer; he has a few more months to live, and presented a 'last lecture' at Carnegie Melon a few months back. Prof Pausch's lecture was also aired on Oprah, which you can see here. It's astonishing. Take ten minutes off your life and see it. It might just make you think of your life differently. Update: you might also want to view the original version of this lecture. In case you want to send this link to your loved ones, use the envelope icon below (on the line that starts with 'Posted by'). Spreading hope is, after all, no mean task.