Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oxymorons and Tibet

  1. Linda Cullen on Tibet's humanitarian crisis: "... they've banned American Idol in China, and I hear that's why the monks in Tibet started rioting."
  2. Same page (Vancouver 24 Hours, March 26): Bobbie Gill via email responds to a letter: "Why should we let a little thing like human rights get in the way of our two-week extravaganza? It's party time people! If we simply follow the example of VANOC and bury our collective heads in the sand, then things like human rights abuses in Tibet and China will just simply disappear."
  3. On November 23, 2006 four Tibetan students attempted self-immolation, protesting Chinese president Hu Jintao's visit in Mumbai.
  4. According to scientists, immolation (death by fire) is the most painful experience known to man.
  5. March 26 is Independence Day in Bangladesh.

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