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World's weirdest week?

This really must be the weirdest week ever! I'm a longtime fan of the 'odd news' columns on websites, and swear I haven't seen such an outburst of craziness ever, ranging from Canada to Australia. Laughs guaranteed.This really must be the weirdest week ever! I'm a longtime fan of the 'odd news' columns on websites, and swear I haven't seen such an outburst of craziness ever. Here's the summary:
  • The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation is in a mess due to a self-redemption casino kiosk in Regina mistakenly giving out $20 bills instead of $5s. The company is now trying to track down the lucky folks by examining security camera footage.
  • There's (yet again) a new Mars photo released by NASA that features a statue-like figure. There's a hi-res version of the image (24 megs, TIF format) available so check it out.
  • A man in Australia first got bit by a crocodile, then got shot by a friend who was trying to help him. The doctor has no doubt in mind that the gunshot saved his life (I think the guy might not agree).
  • Two Oklahoma City cinemas are warning moviegoers that the latest horror flick 'Cloverfield' could cause nausea akin to a rollercoaster effect. The film, however, broke a January box office record.
  • A British Columbia court has ruled that the city of Penticton must pay an artist for a statue of a naked man whose genitals keep getting vandalized repeatedly.
  • There's actually an internet privacy law in effect in Greece that allows pedophiles to roam at large, even if the police manage to track them down. Not funny.
  • Canadian and US experts have concluded that weird names are replacing the classic name choices for babies, such as Matthew and Olivia. Parents seem to consciously avoid the top 20 baby names these days, and the result isn't always sensible. There's actually a little girl living in Connecticut whose named Asshole. In a separate turn of events, NZ authorities have denied a couple from naming their kid 4real, so they've decided to call him Superman.
  • A criminal group was uncovered in Algeria that made porn DVDs and put well-known Islamic preachers on the covers to disguise them. The police said that many customers bought the DVDs in good faith.
  • Russian scientists have discovered that cockroaches conceived in outer space grow faster than their earthly counterparts, and run faster and are hardier.
  • A Chinese boy trying to evade piano lessons called up the police and said his dad was trying to sell him.
  • The heads of the Al-Arab and Fallaheen families of Qena, Egypt have signed a pact that will end a troublesome 'mustache war'. The families had previously abducted each others' leaders and shaved off their mustaches, beards, hair and eyebrows, which sparked off a series of violent clashes in which the two parties fought each other with clubs and sticks.
Okay, I might be infrequent in blogging for the next couple of weeks. Not kidding. Work, work.

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