Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fighting with your partner improves longevity, study says

It's official: fighting with your spouse actually helps you live longer, according to a new study.It's official: fighting with your spouse actually helps you live longer (why am I grinning? :D) Researchers at the University of Michigan recently released findings gathered over 17 years and across 192 couples, according to Reuters. The study found that people who keep their anger in are twice more likely to die early than those who speak their mind. Apparently, it's the resentment generated by suppressed anger that mingles with any medical vulnerabilities a person might have, and eventually aggravates the problem. Conclusion? It's healthy to recognize that you're being attacked unfairly and it's even more healthy to speak up and to talk about it and try to resolve the problem if you want to live longer, the lead author of the study said.

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