Monday, January 7, 2008

More Digg words

More Digg words (I'm really getting the hang of this!): diggbajee : digging around (this is an actual Bangla/Bengali word! means 'summersault') diggangel : the kind soul who diggs your new website or blog (alt: diggfarishta) diggdodgers : folks who'll bookmark but not digg your site diggwish : desiring increased traffic on your website ('Dear Santa, could you please make my site diggfamous this christmas' would be a diggwish from Santa's perspective..) crapdigg : loitering around online ('Why the hell are you crapdigging at this hour?') diggpig : someone who only visits digged sites (hey there's more than that to the web!) diggwigs : folks who run the Digg site leave her alone diggs : Britney Spears sites.. no1 left 2 digg : Paris Hilton sites.. R.P.D. diggs : rehab, pregnant and divorced... celeb news sites :D :D

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