Monday, January 7, 2008

Digg words

I was wondering how has changed the web, and some words just grew sprouts in my head: : if a site is really that good diggblessed : if your site gets digged by many people digger's moon : a site that has lots of interesting stuff digglet : synonym for bookmark (since diggs are cooler!) diggjedi : person who really knows where to surf diggpissin' : the big, already famous sites that digg their own webpages under false user profiles (e.g. 'Engadget is diggpissin' around, advertising its own stuff'.. 'Oh, that's just diggpiss') diggsqeak : those cute li'l diggs that you know are from folks who have low profile blogs or websites, or have just started out the internet career gravedigged : you write something original on your blog, someone else quotes it on his/her site and gets digged datedigg : when you're digging to impress your geeky girlfriend fishin'diggs : just surfing around green diggs : diggs on ecofriendly issues iDiggs : diggs on Apple's i-brand of things y-digg : diggs on Windows Vista (ha, ha) local diggs : diggs on stuff happening in your area soft diggs : diggs that deserve more fan following diggville : the world of diggs doesn't have to be 'diggsphere' or 'digg-o-sphere', right? Sorry for vanishing yesterday -- hey, a man's allowed to take a day off on his birthday, right? (by the way, if you too were born on Twelfth Night, then you should know Shakespeare wrote a play for the occasion. Here's Wikipedia on the play. The previous link's about the day itself.)

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