Thursday, October 1, 2009

Techqi is currently being redesigned

Update: sorry, I never managed to get back to this. I still hope to someday, but that seems awfully unlikely with every passing moment. Goodbye and good luck.

Hello there! The reason this blog looks so generic right now, and isn't being updated frequently, is because it's being redesigned by yours truly. There aren't really many good Blogger templates out there, and the default ones, well, look like this.
So I'm basically starting from scratch. Unfortunately, this means I'll be losing most of my comments, and I sincerely apologize to everyone who commented for that. But it's a necessary evil, since spammers are clearly out to make my life hell. I have been using Disqus for quite some time now, but it hasn't lived up to my expectations. I'm planning to build my own commenting system. 

Until then, I'm also removing most of the widgets installed.

The good news is, once I'm done I'll even put up the template up for you to download (for free, yes). I should be done by the end of this month. Plus, a great new WordPress blog on web design, and a portfolio site are in the works. Expected launch: Christmas.

If you're a new or returning reader, please sign up for updates via RSS or email. You can also get in touch with me via Twitter. Links are also on your left. Stay tuned!

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