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Showing posts from August, 2009

Pagerank improvements and on top of Google Search

This is great! I just discovered that my blogs' Google PageRanks have gone up: Techqi (this blog, ahem) now has a PR of 3, and AV Scan, which I discontinued due to insufficient viruses, made me happier - it now has a PR of 4! I used to think PR increases in general with time and decreases for inactive sites, but apparently there's more than meets the eye.
In addition, someof my (edit October 10: alas, relegated to page 2!) postsarestillon the first page (and even on the top spot) of Google's search results for certain keywords. I'm blogging for about two years now and I'm really encouraged by all this. The quality of your posts still counts, it seems.

My stand-in portfolio site

Hello there! I'm currently working on my portfolio site, but for the time being this page is going to provide shelter for my writing samples. Comments are welcome.Published articles{Please note that these articles maintain their original paragraph structures and were not really meant to be blog posts unless explicitly stated. Moreover, any images in the original articles aren't included, and any links cited might not be relevant right now. Some of these articles have been slightly edited in their present incarnations.} Google gemsA short how-to/teaser on Google products. This article was originally published in ‘Portal’, the weekly tech page of Daily New Age, Bangladesh on March 12, 2006 and is available online. 425 words.How to get rid of the Blogger navbarA tutorial aimed at Blogger beginners on how to hide the Blogger navbar that I wrote for this blog. Have a byte!A comprehensive, magazine-style take on a variety of food-related websites in the wake of local food adulterati…