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How to partition a hard drive in Windows Vista with maximum shrink

Okay, I should've called this article How to shrink partitions in Vista... mea culpa! Shrinking existing partitions on your hard drive in Windows Vista can be a real pain, or at least that's my experience using a machine which came with a preinstalled version of the OS. My faithful copy of Partition Magic turned out to be too old for my computer, so I was left with Vista's built-in disk management console, which isn't actually the most user-consoling piece of software out there. Nevertheless, I managed to shrink my 200GB+ C: to my liking. Here's how. 
If you have no idea where to start, here's a Lifehacker step-by-step guide. Generally hard drives with preinstalled OSes have two primary partitions (C: and one which contains the restore image). C: is the one you'll be working on; don't do anything to the partition which contains the factory image.Don't start partitioning just yet. Check the available shrink space first. If Vista won't shrink a c…

Error codes in real life

Okay, I deleted my last post as I said I would. It's hard to think of an implied reader or audience when you're blogging and don't really expect anyone to read your posts, but here I go again: in case you've hung around my blogs, you know I haven't been posting in a while. Multiple reasons, in order of severity: Read postBlogger's template collection borders on ugliness. They haven't introduced new templates in forever. Tweaking your template to make things a tad prettier isn't easy either -- every once in a while bugs emerge (such as horrible bx- errors) and often they're around for so long that one can't help but wonder whether Blogger is even interested to serve its loyal users. Right now I can't even rearrange my page elements. Solution: taking control of your own code. You have to be more than a casual coder, and must be willing to accept this kind of overhead. Of course one can always move on to a different platform, but then again eac…