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3 internet startups that I never thought would make it

I have always had much faith in the web, but I guess even I got surprised at times. I'll cut to the point: I never expected startups like Twitter or StumbleUpon to succeed. Or, though admittedly on a much smaller scale, techqi, which is this blog. Who would have thought that people would get so addicted to microblogging? Well, I didn't. Or that a random site-loading toolbar would be delightful and win over millions? Me again. I was wrong in both cases, and as a result I'm now a happy member of both Twitter and StumbleUpon. Very honestly speaking, I never thought techqi would even survive on Google. But it has, and has received thousands of hits (half a million pageviews, to be exact). Even AV Scan, which came much later, has long crossed the 10k visitor mark. I'm very optimistic about both these blogs, and that has in turn triggered my perfectionist instinct. Now I'm not satisfied with techqi's looks and overall organization, so I desperately want to give it an overhaul. I intend to transform techqi into a webzine-like experience ASAP, and if the heavens approve, it will be a blast. Unfortunately, that will take time, so I might have to chug along the way things have been, for at least some time more. If you've been following my posts you know I haven't been great for a while, and I still have loads of academic chores. I'm still missing a computer. Just keeping alive.

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There's hardly a Blogger user to be found who hasn't been irked by the navbar. True, it’s not entirely useless – it lets you quickly log on to Blogger and provides a quick customization link. But by just being there the navbar brings a generic look to your blog, which is enough to make readers not take it seriously. On top of that, the navbar allows any Blogger user to flag your blog! (Which, assuming you’re one of the good guys, puts you at the mercy of the goodwill of your diverse readership.)Therefore it’s imperative that you hide your Blogger navbar, or at least know how to. In case you’re wondering, the Blogger Terms of Service doesn’t say anything about the navbar, so you’re good to go.Hiding the Blogger navbar1. Sign in to your Blogger account. This will take you to your Dashboard. Click on the Layout link of your blog.2. Click on the Edit HTML link on the Layout page. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know anything about HTML! I’ll take care of the code.Scroll down the Ed…

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Anti-spyware and anti-adware reviews
Most antivirus applications today come with built-in anti-spywares, so unless you're suspicious something is wrong with your PC you don't need to worry. However, it would be a good idea to install a third-party anti-spyware and anti-adware once in a while to make sure everything's under control. The chief anti-spyware and anti-adware brands are Windows Defender (from Microsoft), Ad-Aware 2007 Free (Lavasoft), AVG Anti-Spyware Free Edition (Grisoft) and Spybot S&D (Safer Networking). Note that I haven't mentioned any paid software, such as the popular Spy Sweeper (Webroot Software). It hardly makes any sense to spend m…

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