Saturday, April 12, 2008

Really Useful Stuff: RAMBooster 2

I'm a multi-tasker -- I like to listen to music, work on a document and surf the internet from my computer at the same time. And I bet you're one too, which makes RAMBooster 2 a worthy candidate for your software arsenal.

RAMBooster frees up stale memory on your computer. Windows isn't the best thing out there at memory reallocation, so RAMBooster frequently ends up working wonders. Once installed, it will run in your system tray; the icon color will change according to your system's RAM consumption, so you know that you need to right-click on it and free up some RAM when the icon turns yellow. You can also schedule RAMBooster to run automatically whenever your system memory drops below a certain level. It's a nice feature, but I'm happy driving with a stick.

From my experience, I didn't really like RAMBooster very much when I first installed it (a previous version). After many bouts of trial and error, I realized that I was trying to free up too much RAM -- more than my system could afford, which got RAMBooster stuttering. Advice: don't do that. Settle for a target level of free RAM that is 30 percent of the RAM you actually have (My Computer>Properties), and you'll find this software genuinely useful.

For: Great software that cleans up unused system memory
Against: Desperately needs a version upgrade. It doesn't support Vista, and the last version came out almost 3 years ago.

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