Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Possible UFO sighting at Phoenix, Arizona -- video

Just out (well, actually I was a couple of hours late to catch up): strange objects emitting bright red light appeared in Phoenix, Arizona skies yesterday at around 8pm local time. The lights aligned themselves in different patterns, and were too precise to be talked away as being flash fires or something similar. The local Air Force base said the lights weren't part of any Air Force activities. Now, was this a real UFO sighting? Well, the image quality is certainly quite good, something they admitted on the news. And lots of local residents, including journalists and air traffic controllers, claimed they witnessed the event. Check out the video for yourself. Here's a link to the source.

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  1. some friends and myself saw something like this over the gulf of mexico near cape san blas fl. it was visible for several minutes. 3 lights lined up to the southeast and 1 south, seen by 6 in our party, 10 pm or so

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  4. believe it or not, i have seen UFOs hovering around in Phoenix... actually happens quite often. you don't get to see little green men though, just the strange disks emitting red lights in the night skies. i've heard you almost get used to it after a while.


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