Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eating out

This is actually long overdue. I'm a foodie, there's absolutely no doubt about that, and here's where I share my gastronomical adventures with you. However (here's where things get interesting), my focus is not on expensive food: I'm looking for a good meal for around $5.

If you're from Vancouver you know that's crazy. A 'meal' is generally described as something wholesome. But the price tag inevitably puts the 'meal' in the fast food category. Not always true! There are lots of local shops that serve great food. And some of the big chains come up with their own surprises from time to time.

I'm not promising that the food will always be around $5, or even $10. Quality comes first! But of course, the lower the price tag the merrier: after all, the 'food' that gets served in restaurants costs a fragment of the dish itself.

Here's proof that I do enjoy food. (Look at him gleaming in the picture, the cheeky bastard. You don't know you're ugly, do you, ha?)...

I don't remember the shop or the exact name of the dish, so this isn't really a review! It was at a Hong Kong airport and was probably beef noodle soup. Posts will be, hm, once every two weeks? Four weeks? Let's see.

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  1. You do seem to be enjoying it. That soup looks quite tasty, the green is so vivid you can tell it wasn't overcooked. I look forward to your reviews even if I won't be able to try the restaurants!


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