Monday, February 18, 2008

Techqi update

Update update: the "*" isn't quite working, but I still try. Sorry for having vanished. I'm trying to create a philosopher's stone, which is indeed time consuming. Stuff I've been trying to do for Techqi include:
  • a take on Vancouver's eateries (right now I have lots of yummy photos, have to sit down and write),
  • complete the Optimizing Broadband... series (it should be a blast; the Antivirus reviews are already a hit on Google),
  • a write-up on a recent translation of the Quran published by Penguin,
  • shuffle the layout of this blog and throw in some ads (apparently I'm destined to be both poor and brilliant, which is kinda cool and sucks at the same time).
Plus, from now on I'll end my posts with a "*", so you don't have to feel cheated by very short posts. Here's the first one: *

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