Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm really indebted to the regular visitors at my blog, who account for almost one-fourth of my blog traffic and are from all over the world. Techqi has done small wonders: I initially planned to have 1000 page visits within a month, and ended up achieving it in a week! I've learned a lot about blogging and have realized that there are just as many things to be excited about this (still) unconventional new medium, as to be disillusioned. It's terrific to see thousands of new bloggers starting out with original content; on the other hand many established sites end up 'lifting' material. I don't post as frequently, largely to do with the amount of time I have at my leisure, but part of it also has to do with the way I perceive blogging itself. I think I'll try to redistribute my posts and spread out content in a more organized fashion. All my years as a journalist can certainly help me handle that! (Speaking of being a journalist, sometimes I miss the old days. But perhaps that's just habit, and I'm consciously ignoring the many frustrations I've suffered.) In a very strange way, blogging is like an odd monitor which has a display quality inversely proportional to the resolution. This is precisely the area I want to address: I want to bring information together in an informal, yet standardized, layout. The downside: it might take time. Let's see.

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