Friday, January 11, 2008

You can't access Google Notebook from within Gmail

I'm wondering if Google Notebook will be discontinued. I mailed Google today regarding my concern and the drop-down list in Gmail and iGoogle/Google/etc. Here's a summary of my mail:

I frequently use Google Notebook, but can't access it from within Gmail. While there's an "even more" option in Google or Google images (from "More"; I'm attaching images), Gmail doesn't have one. Therefore, I have to open Google in a separate window and gradually browse to Notebook (when I'm feeling too lazy to just type I also came across Techcrunch article that charts the growth rates of Google services; Notebook isn't even listed. Are you guys planning to scrap Notebook? And (to go back to my original focus) is this a prompt for users to migrate towards iGoogle (which has enjoyed tremendous growth in 2007, and has "Even more")?

I think a situation where a user copy-pastes information from his/her Notebook to a mail isn't that hard to imagine. But by pushing Notebook out of Gmail, the potential of the service is being wasted. Notebook and Gmail could go very well hand in hand, and there ought to be a direct link to Notebook within Gmail, preferably beside "Documents" on the top-left corner, or at least as one of the items listed under "More". "Even more" should also definitely be there, and given the popularity of YouTube, why not list it (in lieu of Video) under "More" too? Similarly, Orkut could very well be under "More" in iGoogle etc.

I think the thing got overlooked, but maybe Google has its preferences. I hope Google responds (although I'm not banking on it, since, of course, it's such a big n' busy place). I just received a mail that says

Thank you for writing to us at the Google Blog. We appreciate hearing from you, but can't guarantee responding to each and every message. However, we do read every note, and will take your suggestions and comments into account as we continue to develop the blog. If you have a specific question you'd like answered, please visit to submit your message. If we'd like to include your comments in a future post, we'll be in touch to ask your permission.

Let's see what happens.

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