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Food hits for 2008

Catherine Jheon came up with an interesting list of food stuff that will make it big in 2008. The sources she cites are azcentral, npr's radio show and GlobeLife. The list with my ideas included.Catherine Jheon came up with an interesting list of food stuff that will make it big in 2008. The sources she cites are azcentral, npr's radio show and GlobeLife; here's her picks:
  • We will continue to push aside big plates and chose small, tapas-style entrees. This trend will continue for desserts.
  • Bottle water is out, to be replaced flavoured tap water.
  • Exotic grains such as amaranth and quinoa are in.
  • Gojiberry and pomegranate will step out of the spotlight as blood orange takes centre stage as the new super fruit.
  • Artificial is out and authentic is in. That means goodbye aspartame, hello date sugar.
  • Cupcakes are out.
  • We’ll see a rise of bold flavours specifically from Brazil, Peru, Korea and Africa.
  • Comfort food will continue to get a makeover with dishes such as braised veal-cheek burgers topped with Berkshire pork belly. Call it comfort chic.
  • 2008 will be the year of the pork.
Jheon believes that this will be the "year of ethical eating", and it will see "a rise of vegetarianism, locally-produced food and sustainable seafood as well as organic wines and local breweries". I personally believe the azcentral picks are more sensible (and the slideshow looks great too!). I have a gut feeling Thai food is going to be 'in' (or perhaps this is just my subconscious gastronomically fuelled by WhiteSpot?); blood orange is possibly already the next superfruit, and I don't think "2008 will be the year of the pork" (reason: everything around is trying to go green, as in 'green tech', 'ecofriendly policies' etc. I'm not suggesting we're all going to start munching vegetables en masse, but with so much ethical-eating-and-living philosophies blowing about, there should be an increased general appreciation of fish. Thai/Vietnamese food here again.)

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