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Eating out: baked chicken lunch @ Pita Fresh

Here's my first post on eating out.

It happened thus: we were at the historic Sinclair Center for some reason, and we were very hungry. Being my usual self, I wanted to resume my hunt for those fabulous lunch places of downtown legend before they morphed into disappointing food joints, as they usually do when they're discovered. Tina didn't agree, and I'm glad she didn't.

We ended up having lunch at the Sinclair Center food court. It's a pretty official-looking place, so it's not really where you'd expect a good bite. Pita Fresh was barely a few weeks old, just starting out; they sold Mediterranean dishes for fast food prices. We had baked chicken lunch, which is one piece of baked chicken, rice (pulao or pilao, actually) and two sides you can choose from humus and pita bread, tabbouleh, Greek salad, beans, garden salad and more.

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It was fantastic, and it didn't taste like fast food at all. The chicken was perfect; think of McDonald's…

After having a bad dream

I had a bad dream. The details are immaterial, but if you have had your fair share of nightmares you know that dreams as such have a cascading effect on your day's unruly events. Alternatively, -- which is the best it can get -- you try to get back with your usual self by thinking your week hasn't been great, and this bad dream is just the culmination of your age of horrors, which is another way of thinking it's the end of your bad week or month or year, and you cheer yourself up. It doesn't generally work. Sometimes it's ghouls that scared your bedsheets wet when you were a kid, sometimes it's witches that lurk in shadows; sometimes it's a screening of you losing someone you love, and in other, more terrifying moments, it's about a part of your soul that is so true and so maniacal that you wake up in a sweat, a lot like the times when you were scared of ghouls as a kid. Make a guess about my bad dream. Yeah. In particular it hasn't been a bad we…

Kamasutra for IT people

Even Gizmodo isn't sure where this is from, but it's pretty hilarious, so I had to share it. Enjoy =D =D

Robotic suit-clad soldiers coming up

What's it about: A recently developed exoskeleton-ish robotic suit that can amplify human strength and endurance as many as twenty times. (source)

Comments: Is it a coincidence this suit made the headlines in the summer of the Iron Man movie? Speaking of which, I don't think it'll be used for similar, superhumanly noble purposes. The guy who made it happens to work for a company that has a contract with the US military, you see. Besides, it's a long way off from perfection: it's not cost effective (we guessed that part) and has a current battery life of only thirty minutes.

The Quran incident and its reception

[This article was published in OpEdNews.] The US military has apologized for the actions of a soldier who used the Quran for target practice. It's all over the news right now. Most news sites are using the CNN report above, or the AP report. The incident happened on May 9, and was reportedly discovered two days later. CNN was the first to report, and broadcasted a ceremony where the top US military official in Iraq apologized to tribal leaders on Saturday: "I come before you here seeking your forgiveness. In the most humble manner I look in your eyes today and I say please forgive me and my soldiers. [...] The actions of one soldier were nothing more than criminal behavior. I've come to this land to protect you, to support you — not to harm you — and the behavior of this soldier was nothing short of wrong and unacceptable." True. He also read out the soldier's apology: "I sincerely hope that my actions have not diminished the partnership that our two na…

Free Photoshop anthology for download

I'm really tired, but had to share this with you guys before I bow out for the day. Sitepoint is giving away free copies of their Photoshop ebook, valid till May 31: The book is titled "The Photoshop Anthology: 101 web design tips, tricks and techniques". The author is Corrie Haffly, who really seems to know her stuff. It's a zipped PDF download, that's 278 pages long, and comes in two versions: a 64MB hi-res and a 23MB low-res. I'd recommend the book to just about any beginning-to-intermediate graphic designer. Hey, it's got the word anthology in its title, and it's free.

It's mumbling season

Finally, I'm done with one of the 2 papers I was supposed to write. Almost broke my back; despite having started on it over a week or more ago, I ended up without a wink of sleep, writing all night before the deadline. Why am I such a strange creature?... every time, I have time, I don't use it, I try to use it, it won't work... and it all boils down to the umpteenth minute. It's terribly exhausting, and I try my best every time to avoid such happy endings, but alas... Anyway, the good thing is I now have one thing less to worry about. But it's mumbling season again. Mumbling season is the time of the year when I suddenly lose my linguistic prowess in one or more languages I use. For instance, right now I'm feeling uncomfortable speaking English (writing is never affected). The words kinda roll up inside my mouth and I also can't find the right words. I've also suddenly lost my accent. It's so utterly frustrating. It's worse when the same kind…

2 papers 2 write 2 many

Due to some unforeseen spiritual disorder, I always end up writing term papers at the very last minute. Right now, for instance, I have two papers to write -- both huge -- that I had tons of time for. Yet once again I'm back at the umpteenth hour. Some help from above, please? (I'm not sure whether God reads blogs, but the angels might, and I've heard they have a good relationship with the Big Guy.) Things to come on techqi: an overhaul (yes, another one -- did the last one even happen? seems so awfully far away); meal reviews; antivirus reviews, or the likes; literature and tech. Stay tuned. (And yes, I do have to fix this 'read more' thing -->)

Really Useful Stuff: WinPatrol

My pick for this week (belatedly) is BillP Studios' WinPatrol.

If you asked me, WinPatrol should be the one piece of software that you absolutely must install on top of Windows and MS Office. What it does: it's a security monitor that notifies you of any changes made to your system. In English: it basically takes a snapshot of your critical system resources and then alerts you of any changes taking place without your knowledge. So if your computer is being manipulated by malware, WinPatrol will halt the action and ask for your approval. If you think the program in question isn't malware, then you can allow the process to continue, and the digital angels are happy once again.

Actually WinPatrol will monitor changes made by any software, malware and wellware alike. It's effectively a kind of firewall that works as a security layer over your operating system, protecting you from unauthorized manipulations by software. However: this is not an antivirus, anti-spyware or anyth…

Down and under

I'm really horrible at apologies, but sorry for not having posted anything in a while. My ex-computer is really the one to blame; to top it off, I have my hands full with term work (which includes a Sanskrit course!) and overdue papers. I believe I've also missed my Really Useful Stuff installment for last week, not to mention my gastronomical insights which I had promised to share. Hopefully I'll come up with something soon. In the meanwhile, bookmark this site, subscribe to my RSS feeds and come back soon or else something bad will happen to you or your lawyer. No, of course, I didn't mean the last part.